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Questions and Answers about Love Spells – Is there a love spell that can make someone love you?

Is there a love spell that can make someone love you?


There is no way to MAKE someone like you.


Its all by choice. If you want someone to like you. Spend time with that person. Become his/her friend then move on from there.

I agree with this person ^but i dont personally think spells are of the devil. true some are but lots of spells have to do with god and the bible. there may be some spell out there that helps but i have no idea what it is. the best approach i believe is to spend time with that person and go on from there as the person before me stated.

Spells are things of fantasy and myth. Stories made up for children and the ignorant. As has already been said, it is up to you to act in such a manner as to be reguarded kindly by another person. Doing so may lead to love.

How do you make someone you love love you?

You can’t, Simple as that. Luckly; The man I love, Loves me back. Just be yourself & some one will come and love you; Like you deserve to be loved. (:

How do you make someone fall in love with you?

Falling in Love is quite complicated. There are just so many contributing factors that we need to put intoconsideration. Particularly on the men’s side. Most of the ladies today are attracted to guys with fancy things and a lot of cash at their disposal. Some like a man because he is very good in doing something. Some seek for good looks. Some seek for fun loving people. Some seek for sexy eyes. Some are into the voice. The list is endless. But at the end of the day. There has to be something about you that will make you appealing or amazing. Find something that you can do. Do it Good. Do it Better. Do it Best. Regularly Work out (physically). Look good. Find something to keep you occupied most of the time. Something positive and No woman likes a fat **s that sits at home all day doing nothing but watch football. Try to be smart always. Clean teeth , fresh breath, nice shave, clean hair cuts and try to do away with those body odors. Accumulate a few gadgets. Work for a nice house , then a nice car, buy some furniture and other things. Not that women are materialistic they need evidence that you will be able to support the family and take care of them Life is never really that easy You have to work for everything worth having Lastly Develop a positive attitude Alternative Methods: You can also try: Voodoo, Love Potions / Spells, and Stalking – results seem to be varied on each of these, but most end with you in a mental institution or jail. IE: You can’t make someone fall in love with you, sorry but you just can’t do it, accept that “Love” (by whatever definition you use) is not something that can be forced or coaxed. If you’re in the same class, and stuff, you can talk to him. Talk until you have nothing else to say. Then just ask him. Or confessing, a better word. If he talks into games, talk along with him and play with him. I fell in love with someone too 😀 Act cute; don’t try to be completely different but if you don’t feel like how you are acting you can always change a little I have a ton of boyfriends, and all I had to do was hang out with them a lot at our spare time, and act cool. Flip your hair, (if you have long hair) and say “Who cares?`when the teacher says a question. Make sure the teacher never heard it though. #2 The following methods are based on the psychology of falling in love: . Meet his criteria: No matter how people say that they are not too choosy, inside their minds is a quick list of basic criteria. And before even considering dating a person, these criteria must be met. Meeting his criteria does not automatically make him/her love you. But not meeting it makes you lose the chance of him/her falling for you. Examples of basic criteria could be stuff like: Must be a non-smoker Must be in good shape Must be non- religious/religious Must have a sense of humor etc. Find out his background and try to meet his/her mental checklist. Doing this will avoid the possibility of him mentally rejecting you as a potential bf/gf before he gets to know you. . Show that you’re what he needs: People are unconsciously attracted to people who are similar or posses the quality they want to have themselves. For instance, an intellectual but shy guy will look for a partner who is also intellectual but more confident than he is. So, in this case is to play the role of a confident woman so you can attract this type of guy. By send the impression that you’re what he needs, this becomes very effective. . Program his subconscious mind: Make sure you’re always in sight so he gets to see you a lot. This is enough to let you enter his subconscious mind. Your next step would be to reinforce your subconscious mind programming with the help of your friends. Have them constantly talk about you to him/her. It is much better if you can have mutual friends do it for you. The more they talk to him about you and you awesome you are, the better your chances of staying in his subconscious mind. . Position yourself well: Try to be associated with the “confident”, “independent”, or “funny” type not the “inferior”, “nerdy”, or “clingy” type. Make sure that when people hear your name or think of you, what they have are positive thoughts of you. This way you are assured that he/she will be interested and want to be associated with you.

How do you make someone realize you love her?

Answer . You can’t make someone love you, but if she is interested in you then just ask her out and let her get to know who you are. NEVER change who you are for the sake of anyone else if you are a good person which I’m sure you are. Just because some girls may not become interested in you doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with who you are inside (and that counts!) \n. \nAsk her out and go some place where there are other people. You could even double-date. Ask a buddy of yours if he’d double-date with you and this girl. It makes it a little less stressful. Don’t be overly attentive to her, but be nice, listen to what she has to say and be honest about yourself to her. As you get to know her then buy her the odd bouquet of flowers, perhaps a little bracelet as a memento from you. Just let nature takes its course. When you have been going together for a few months, and only then, tell her how you feel about her. Be independent, be honest and the rest should come quite easily. If one is too nice at first to someone they are going with then one or both partners can certainly take it for granted.\n. \nGood luck!

How do you make someone realize he or she is in love with you?

Answer . You don’t. They would know it if they were. The smartest thing you can do is let them know how you feel about them, & see what they say. It could be they are shy or scared of sharing feelings.. Answer . You can’t make someone love you.. i am paige 11 years old i would like to be like to be like you. when i am older. thank you. xx paige

How do you make someone love you?

It is very difficult, and sometimes impossible for you to make someone love you. Emotions like love usually can’t be forced, they just come on their own. And sometimes forcing your love on someone does the opposite of what you intended. But one thing that sometimes works, is just smile. Smile for them when they achieved something or help them when their down. It does a lot to just smile. Also, just be kind and happy around them. Talk with them and laugh with them. It will slowly add up. you dont “make” someone love you they have to love you can do stuff to lead them on to love you like try to impress her do things she likes be kind to her and make her feel satisfied just impress them. dont know how? then learn. You can’t make them love you — they do this on their own. Of course, you want to be likeable and true to yourself. From there, love may flow if everything else is as it should be. Treating love as a challenge or goal is not appropriate since it is a feeling between two people.

How do you make someone love you again?

getting him or her back. one good way is to make them see what they do not have anymore. such as making them jelous.

How do you make someone to love you?

You can’t force a person to love you! Charm this person, be polite, and don’t be pushy. ANSWER: I wish I could tell you so I can figure out why I did what I did, by spoiling him in every way possible, by making sure that he look good because of what he was wearing. I also tried to please his family so they will accept me for who I am. I always listen when he talk if he talk, I tried not to give him problem so that way he can concentrate with his career. With all of this I finally got tired of being alone so I stop how I treated him with my love, emotion, and affection. Unfortunately that’s when he start looking for women’s friends so they can help him to communicate with me. Sad but true. This man I married never see and felt the love that i had for him.

How do you make someone love you back?

Answer . You can’t. Simple as that. They have to find it in their heart and realize if they LIKE you, lest alone LOVE you. Don’t worry, though. Someone will come into your life when you least expect it. Think about it.. the personification of mystery

If you love someone but they do not love you how do you get them to love you?

Well, sometimes you might want to get to know someone to make them love you more. Maybe this is person is not ready to say those 3 words “I love you”. I think it would be best if you waited for a while, than give it a try, or just hang out w/ them for a while..Hope for the best!! 🙂

How do you make someone loves you back?

Answer . you cant make someone love you so dont even try to. dont ask or anything.so just spend alot of time with them.. ————. Not even the genius of alladin was able to..

How do you make a love spell?

You need: Large cooking pot A strand of your crushes Hair A strand of your hair red food colouring A toenail clipping Gently pour in the food colouring, then put in extremely fast the strands of hair. STIR STIR STIR. Then put in a toenail clipping. Sorry if this doesn’t work. It worked for me when i found it on the Internet.

How do you make someone not love someone?

You can’t. People have the free will to choose and will love whom they love, no matter what another person does. . You can tell lies about the said person to make them seem less desirable.

How can you make someone prove their love for you?

Don’t try. No test will satisfy you. Your demand could harm the relationship. Instead, learn to trust and to be trusted. It involves a risk, and you could get hurt, but it’s better to take that chance than to risk not trusting someone who truly loves you.

How do you make someone loves me?

That is impossible. You just remain yourself and hope for the best and keep seeing people. No one can be forced to love anyone.

Can you make someone fall in love with you?

Yes you can if you just look deep into there eyes and slowly kiss him/her than it’s possible No, you cannot make someone fall in love with you! That is just not possible. If someone doesn’t feel a certain way about you, in that way that you would like, then they are just not into you. You can never tell who will fall in love with whom. Love is patient, and love is timeless. It happens on its own terms, and love cannot be forced onto a person.

How do you make someone tells you that he loves you?


How do you make someone you love return that love?

Kindle the relationship … always believe that your significant other is the most important person in the universe, and then treat them like that. Always say “I Love You” frequently during the day or when you are out walking together – it gets great results.

How do you make love with someone?

For guys: Well, first of all, you’re probablly going to want a girlfriend. Once you have that, then you’re all set. If you feel it’s a good time to make love, and so does your girl, then go for it. First of all, don’t go too fast, because most girls don’t like that. Get your head clost to hers, and give hre a compliment. Say something like, “I love how your eyes twinkle nicely in the moonlight.” or something like that. Then, gently lean your head to the side, and make lip contact. Note: Your girl may be shy. If she is, then take it as slow as possible. Like, at the pace she wants. I wouldn’t suggest starting with tongue, but when you get farther into it, if you feel the timing is right, then put your tongue in. If she backs away, and looks at you wierd, or says something, then apologise to her, and say now you know to take it slower. You should probablly be able to figure out the rest. For girls: Well, first of all, note that your guy will probablly be impatient, and just want to cut to the chase. I mean, after all, what guy doesn’t want to make love? So, don’t go too slow. Just lean your head to the side, and make lip contact. If your guy kisses you in an uncomfortable manor, then don’t be afraid to pull away and tell him what’s wrong. Just as long as you say it politely, you’re fine. However, if you do it multiple times, then you might start to irritate the guy. You should be able to take it from there.

How do you make someone feel loved?

just show that you appreciate them. small things like going places with them or just talking to each other about what makes you happy or just things that comfort him when hes down. show you support him and will always be there no matter what. give him some undivided attention and show that you are happy with him.this is the best way to show someone you love them. and also listen to them when they have problems to show them you are there for them and give advice if your boyfriend asks for it. it will show you care a lot for him and he should feel that you love him very much when you care to listen and support him. support is an important key in a relationship as well as respect and loyalty.

How can you make someone loves me to say i love you directly?

Have you ever tried saying i love you to that person?.well if you haven’t maybe you should try.And if you have,which you most likely have,do something special for that person or do something that will make them happy,or surprise that person with something they always wanted to do or try, they will most likely say i love you directly or this why i love you,and then say i love you directly.TRY IT.it works 95 percent of the time. .

What makes you love someone?

Well first of all one must understand and know what is it that you love about this person? You can love someone without being in love with them. You need to ask yourself what feelings do I really have. And you need to ask yourself is it just to please oneself or is this something I am truly serious about. True love comes from the heart and seeks not to please one’s self. If it’s true love remember love covers all or shall I say see’s no fault nor keeps a record of it.

How can you make someone you love to also love you?

The sad fact is that you can not. It’s hard to hear, and we have all been in the position where we love someone whom we wish to spend the rest of our lives with, there is one tinie winie problem; they do not love you back. However just because this person does not love you does not mean you should give up! Here are some ways of charming that special person- they might fall for you: charming a boy: -treat him nicely -be nothing but yourself -try to be confident around him -talk ‘boy stuff’ do your research on what he likes and enjoy the conversation -compliment him}but not too much he might think your desperate -show him your worth loving charming a girl: -call her beautiful} but only when she actually looks a mess -make her laugh! -support her when she cries -find out what she likes and make conversation about it -spend as much time with her as possible, if your nice and she gets to know you she’ll love it. {{hope this helped, good luck with charming!}}

You think someone put a spell to make you and your loved one break up?

I think no one put a spell to make you and your loved one break up because it is your future if he is not your’s then make him go away……… I think no one put a spell to make you and your loved one break up because it is your future if he is not your’s then make him go away……… I think no one put a spell to make you and your loved one break up because it is your future if he is not your’s then make him go away……… I think no one put a spell to make you and your loved one break up because it is your future if he is not your’s then make him go away……..

What can you do to make someone love you?

Be yourself, and if they don’t like you for you let them be, they don’t deserve you

Is there a spell to make a guy love you Anything?

My dear, a spell is not the way to go. Even if it worked (highly unlikely with someone unskilled), it would be against his will. That is why the people who know supposed spells that purport to make someone love against their will don’t use it. You know what works? Live your life in a way that will make you happy even 20 years from now, let yourself shine, and the men will be longing for you even more than you are longing for this one.

How do i make someone love you?

You can’t really make someone fall in and out of love. If you like a person and are not sure if they like you back, go ahead and ask. And if you are too afraid to ask yourself get some of your closest friends to find out for you. You could always try to look your best, be the nicest person you can be or try to like some of the things that your admirer likes also.

How do make love with someone?

Well sorry, but I don’t think you can try to make some one love you.

How do you make love with someone who is a virgin?

The same way you make love with anyone, the mechanics are the same. Just know that the girl will more than likely experience pain and light bleeding. This is only true for the first time, though. Oh, and make sure to wear a condom. This is very important as thery prevent pregnany and disease.

Is it possible to make someone love you?

\nyes it is possible\ni have done it myself. just impress d person i whatever possible ways and then just expect results!!! it works

What is a REAL spell that makes people love you?

just keep calm and stay good. ask his friends when the person ulike is there ask them do i look better with my hair up or down hewill anwser before his friends where it that way then ask him whatshould i where thx

How do you make someone love you for ever?

You cant, they have to do it in there own heart and mind… if you did want them to love you forever i would start by going out with them and staying with them until they brake up with you because if they really love you they will stay with you for a while maybe longer then you thought you have to go with what your heart tells you and not other hearts… learn from expeariance:) Do what your heart tells you too do because that’s probably the right thing to do:) Did this help??

Can sex make you love someone?

for roughly 10-15 minutes. yes. Yes.. if the partner is very excellent in performance and if she/he has the best one… one cannot leave each other.. because ultimately the sex is the root cause in relation and no living being can leave without it.

How do you make someone you’re in love with love you most?

You don’t. You can have feelings for someone for years, but if it isn’t meant to be, it isn’t meant to be. And I know that it hurts, I’ve been there, and it will always hurt a little, but if you really love them ,you’ll let them live their life for them, not you.

Does loving someone make you cry?

if you didnt cry because they mean so much to you then you wouldn’t be human, it is only right if you do, no matter what sex you are or how old you are, crying shows true personality and that you care abotu someone (:

HOW to make someone love you?

Unfortunately, I have found out in this life that there is no such thing as being able to ‘make someone love you’. Love is something that is either there, or it isn’t. It doesn’t matter what you do or say, if someone does not love you on their own, you cannot make them do so.

If you are in love with someone who maybe is in love with you how can you make him say it?

There are several ways. First of all, you could also say it yourself. If you don’t want that, you could ask him who he likes or ask a friend to ask him that. Though in that case he might lie if he’s shy. Other than that all you can do is encourage him and show him you want him to say it. Talk to him, smile, laugh at his jokes even if they’re stupid, show him you admire him. Also work with looks that say “come here” and maybe even wink.

How do you make someone to loves you?

You can’t make anyone love you. They have to do it on their own in order for it to be real love.

How do you make love to someone?

with love. otherwise it is just a physical act. with love, you cannot go wrong.

How can you make love to someone?

If you feel not just lust and not just for the sake of having sex with someone.

What love spell can you use to make someone fall in love?

Since we do not live in la-la land, there are no spells, and you cannot ‘make’ someone fall in love.

What can you do to make someone fall in love with you?

You cannot make someone fall in love you. You can get to know them and strike up a friendship first that may lead to love in the future.

How can you make someone love books?

take smaller books under 150 p. get something that you know he or she is interested in like fantasy (harry potter, Artemis fowl) romance (the notebook) or a mix of both (twilight, the mortal instruments, i am number 4)….

How can you make happy with someone you love?

if you mean how can you BE happy then this is the answer: you can give them something to love EX; instead of eating popcorn and watching a movie by yourself, have some candy snuggled with your gf/bf

How do you make a girl love you that loves someone else?

look her in the eyes, tell her she looks beautiful (not ‘fit’ or ‘hot’) tell her how much you like her and cant stop thinking about her. if all fails then clearly she doesnt like you back so i wouldn’t try too hard:/ im sure you will find someone amazing one day:)

How can you make a girl not love someone?

The simple truth is that you cant control who someone wants to loves or not.

Could you put a love spell on someone that already got a love spell ln them?

Yes but putting a spell on someone with out their permission WILL back fire and can have dangerous results. But you have to ask your self, how would you feel if someone you wernt interested in put a love spell on you?

What does it mean when you dream you are making love to someone you are in love with?

I believe it means that you are confident that your lover returns your love. There is a chance that the dream suggests a little too much self absorption with your lover, maybe in the sense of a mild co-dependence; this may just be the result of early infatuation, though.

Can you cast a spell on a narcissitc to make him love you?

well yes, if you belive. try everything you can if it doesnt workjust act sad and he will ask you if your ok. say no, tell him youlike him thx xx

Can you make someone to love you with witchcraft?

I don’t think there is an exact spell that makes someone actually love you but there is one that will make that crush or whatever think of you a lot. My friend tried it for herself and me and it worked. Place the candles in a triangle formation about 1 ft. apart. Using the yarn tie the photo/name of that person to your photo/name(so it is now connected). Place it in the center of the candles. Light the top most candle and say; “Candle light, shine so bright. Show ( name of the person) your might!, Corrupt his/her thoughts tonight. Make him/her think of me, as long as this bond would stay!” Light the second candle on your left and repeat the above chant and so on the last candle. Now visualize the pink thread glows brightly. After it blow the candlelights and say ; “So mote it be!” Keep the photo/name with the yarn/thread still tied on it. Put it in a safe place, you might need it someday if you would lift the spell off.. Simply cut or untie the knots..

How Spell For Someone To Love You works?

Spell for someone to love you, is a great way where youwant to get love from someone and want to get attraction from them.With the help of this spell you will allow to make the object orrelations of your desire fall deeply in love with you.

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