Revenge Spells in USA

Revenge Spells

Revenge Spells in USA

Ahhh yes, the interesting and always controversial topic of revenge spells in USA!

Are they ethical? Are they part of the darkest black magic and should never be used? As stated in most Wiccan redes, will they invoke the returning power of the 3 x 3 – meaning that all spells put out into the universe will come back to the spell caster 3 times as powerful?

The answer is YES and NO!

Let us look at both sides of the argument for a moment but to keep the interest of those who really are looking for a revenge spell, I will have one for you at the end of this article…

First, let’s discuss the negative side of the story. Like curses and hexes, using magick for revenge is often frowned upon by the Wiccan and Occult communities. It is generally agreed that this type of spell gives off a bad vibe and invites bad karma. The very basis of witchcraft and Wicca is to do well and project goodness out into the universe. There is no law or bad karma when we try to improve our lives or protect ourselves by using real spells of magic. Sadly there is also no law about revenge spells, voodoo dolls or other magick that aims to harm others. Controversy? Yes but illegal – no.


Revenge Spells in USA


So, the negative side is pretty clear. No one says that these spells in USA or hexes won’t work, it is just frowned upon and in the eyes of many including myself, not what white magick is all about. However, the dark arts have strong pull and temptation especially when we are highly emotional and are indeed looking for revenge. If you want to seriously consider casting a revenge spell then you must be careful. It is a dark place when you start messing around with these spells or other curses and you open yourself up to counter revenge, bad karma and of course the three-fold rule. You may also harm an innocent person as you are caught up in your rage and emotions.

But however, there are a few points of view that need to be explored to fully analyze the situation and decide whether or not casting these types of spells is a good idea.

Revenge Spells in USANo matter what we do and how well we try and live our life, there will always be someone who wrongs you for one reason or another. If you truly feel that this is the case and you totally do not deserve this wronging, then is it not unreasonable to believe that you can apply some sort of revenge to this person or persons?

The key distinction to make is that we are talking about revenge and revenge means basically, to retaliate against or make even someone that has wronged you unfairly. So you are not firing the first round but you are in a way, defending yourself and redirecting the negative energy that has been sent your way in one way or another. Is it so wrong to use magick to redirect this negative energy especially if someone has hurt you or damaged you or your reputation without justification?

As I write this article for you, even I can see both side of the story! However after much thought, I remain on the side of good and advising against getting involved with casting revenge spells and other curses or hexes. I believe in the power of three and karma and feel these negative energy spells are best to protect yourself against and not send them out into the universe.

However…as promised here is a typical sort of vengeance spell for you – that is, if you really still feel that you want to use one… All I say is beware and be sure of what you are doing!



Revenge Spell in USA

Remember before you get started that these types of spells are not as innocent and pure as beauty or love spells in USA that really work. They require total faith and a complete submission of your soul to the black magic at work.

As with most black magick, black is the main color of the ingredients and utensils. You will need a black candle and some blackberries enclosed in a black cloth with black thread. Visualizing the candle to be the person you are cursing, speak all that you need to in as much detail as you can to the candle.

After you have finished the curse part, bury the candle, cloth and the blackberries in the ground just like a grave. It is done!

Revenge Spells in USA


Please use this real spell in USA with caution. There is however another way that you can cast a revenge spell but in a different light and more like an exchange of luck. This way, if someone has wronged you, you can simply exchange it back to them. This is a much safer way to try and exact some revenge and also will not cause bad karma to come back to you.

How To Cast a Spell for Revenge

Cast a Spell for Revenge

Revenge Spells in USA

Revenge is a word we are all familiar with. It is one of the most basic human emotions. Whenever someone has angered us, we have always, if subconsciously or out loud, hoped that the person gets the same troubles right back, if not more. We imagine the person suffering the same misfortune they supposedly put on us. And in that time of a feeling of vengeance, our judgement of right and wrong is compromised.

People consumed with revenge can be a force to be reckoned with in USA. And many of them turn to the dark magic of revenge spells in USA to achieve their goals. They submit their souls completely to the dark art and have full faith in it. They use various items to do the needful. Since it is black magic, black is the primary colour of all the tools and ingredients. Revenge spells are used to direct bad luck, negative energy and misfortune to the recipient. Controversial as this act may be, there are two ways to look at it.

Revenge Spells in USA


On one side, revenge spells in USA could be considered ethical. People who believe in it argue that if someone has wronged you, it shouldn’t be considered wrong to direct that negativity right back at him or her. You are not the one starting the fight; you are just defending yourself from the act of another. If they have caused you any harm, it is their karma to be punished for it. You may be merely providing a means for that. Also, revenge spells, hexes and voodoo dolls are not illegal, so you are not breaking any laws.

However, on the other side, the intentions of the person casting a revenge spells in USA may not always be pure. In the witchcraft and occult world, revenge spells, hexes or curses are frowned upon. It is considered a law that if the person practicing magic uses it to cause harm to another, he or she will get back thrice the intensity of the evil performed. It is to say that such a power should be used only for good and not to trouble another.


‘An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind’. An act of revenge which may seem satisfying always ends up doing harm. By holding on to the negative feelings caused by someone, the only person you end up troubling is yourself. In the process of getting revenge on the person, the worst thing you are doing for yourself is holding on to the pain. It must be said that there is no revenge as complete and satisfying as forgiveness.

Revenge Spells in USA